Giving us what we Want?

Obviously, I love movies.  However I recently have been thinking, do movies give us what we want?  Every movie can’t please everyone a 100 percent of the time, for the entire movie.  I can only think of a few movies, personally, that please me for the whole entire run time. The reason this come up … Continue reading

Watching Angry…

I can’t help but saying a few choice words about the movie I watched last night.  Weekly, a friend and I watch what we would consider a bad movie.  Some we have seen, some we take a chance on.  This one, we hit pay dirt. Drive Angry (2011) This, put simply, is a very very…very … Continue reading

Why are book adaptations bad?

It so prevalent now, the most common saying when seeing a movie based after a book is, “Oh, the book was sooo much better”.  I believe I have come up with two reasons why. 1.  Your imagination can never live up to the movie. Really I mean to say is that your imagination isn’t the same as … Continue reading

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