Giving us what we Want?

Obviously, I love movies.  However I recently have been thinking, do movies give us what we want?  Every movie can’t please everyone a 100 percent of the time, for the entire movie.  I can only think of a few movies, personally, that please me for the whole entire run time.

The reason this come up in my mind is because recently I made an effort to see all the oscar winning movies,  and nominated.  I find that a big percentage of movies, especially big Hollywood ones, seem to fill scenes with filler.  Instead of just going for it and giving what you came to see.

Horror movies are guilty of this.  Certain types of Horror just bloat the running time with nothing, and half assed story.  When I pop in a horror movie, and it turns out to only have one protagonist, I am immediately disappointed.  When I watch a horror movie, I am there to see blood and mayhem.  When there is one protagonist, the blood and mayhem will be significantly reduced.  The rest of the scenes will be filled with crappy suspense and backstory.  We aren’t there to see that!


The Thing was awesome too.

I am not saying this is a rule by any means.  The original Halloween movie is fantastic.  One of the only suspenseful slasher flicks.

I am starting to believe there are only a few truly great film makers out there.  When I go see an action movie, they yet again fill it with feelings and story.  No I know this sounds ridiculous.  I love story.  I love characters.  However, for certain types of movies, these things aren’t necessary.

If you are an action movie, keep the pace light and flowing.  You can have all the character and story you want, just keep it moving.  A great example is the movie 300.  It isn’t a perfect movie by any means, it has plenty of slow movie scenes, but it makes up for this in visuals.  That movie gave me what I wanted.  A movie where the visuals make your eyes pop, the main character is a badass, the action fresh and exciting.

The best action movie of all time, Die Hard, is a great example of great story and perfect execution.  Not at any moment will you be bored.  Every scenes and moment is leading you somewhere.  You care for the character and his circumstances.  Plenty of quippy badass lines and neck snapping, you’ve got your self a perfect movie.

I have a tough time thinking of movies that were in my opinion, perfect; that gave me everything I wanted.  Now I know this is only my personal taste.  Some movies will be perfect for others and hated by me.

I don’t like Michael Bay, but what he does try and do is give people what they want.  Explosions and hot girls and constant action and spectacular visuals.  Of course he only thinks of those things and not dialogue or story with any real logic.  I do appreciate what he is trying to do though.  That’s kinda why I like Zack Snyder so much.  He gives you the crazy visuals and action, with better dialogue.  Well, somewhat better.  Sucker Punch was very silly, but looked incredible…with hot chicks.  The new trailer for Man Of Steel, looks awesome.

There is no simple solution to what I perceive as a problem here.  I don’t want movies to get dumber or simpler.  I want character, I want story.  I also want to give me what I want, what it was advertised as.

The Hobbit took nearly an hour to actually start the journey.  In the book it is literally ten pages in.  Peter Jackson filled it with burp jokes and songs, instead of just starting the movie and letting us see what we wanted!  Middle earth and orcs, and raging dwarves.  Why are so many of those dwarves look like normal people?  Anyway, He wished he had sped it up.  Giving us more of the journey and enchantment of the world.  I also loved the movie! lol

I’m not hating, I know it is hard to make something for everyone, which the studios are trying to accomplish.  It is simply impossible to make a quality artistic movie to have appeal to Ten to sixty years old.

Next time you are watching a movie, just think about what you are actually getting.  How much of it is needed and what isn’t.  It makes the great movies truly magical and special stand head and shoulders above.


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