April Movies…

It has been pretty lean this April.  Out of the the twelve or so movies I have seen, two standout as being worthy of talking about.  One of which everyone has seen or has an opinion on, whether that’s good or bad.  Some have decided not to see it based on language content and that movie Django Unchained.

djangoThough I didn’t love it like, say…Pulp Fiction, it was still a much better effort than his most recent movies.  I enjoyed Inglourious Basterds, but a lot of it was forced.  The premise was interesting enough, but it fell flat for me.  Brad Pitt, I felt, did a fantastic job.

Anyway, I can only think of a few minor flaws in this otherwise fun, exciting movie.  The most egregious error being when Quintin gives himself a cameo.  He had this awful Australian accent, it took me away from the entire movie completely.  It takes a little away from the entire movie to be entirely honest.  That may seem a little overboard, but if you look at a movie in it’s entirety, if something like that takes you away, it affects how the whole is perceived.

There is another scene which is totally unnecessary.  There is a lynch-mop talking before they go and confront our two main characters.  They start to whine and complain about the sacks they have over their heads.  Though it was funny, I had to stop and think…Am I watching a Mel Brooks Film?

That’s how over the top the dialogue was.  I know Quintin was trying to bring levity and to show how bumbling these racist morons really are.  It just didn’t fit.  It was really odd and should have been left out.

Though it sounds like a lot wrong with it, it really isn’t.  I really liked the movie.  It was entertaining!  DVnqZOH7ehsequ_1_lEvery actor in it was great.  Quintin is one of the only directors/writers who can actually surprise me.  Which is saying a lot, I have seen too many movies to count.

The only other movie is enjoyed a lot is The Impossible.  Some parts in this movie made me squeamish.  Mainly because I wasn’t really expecting such graphic scenes of violence.  Though knowing that it is about the tsunami in 2004 (I believe), you would expect some gruesomeness.

It is also (though I didn’t) made to make you cry like a baby.  Every other scene after the into, is designed to pull on those heart strings.

Hopefully May will have some good releases!


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