Tattooed in my brain!

I am literally obsessed with the U.S. version of the Swedish book, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“.

When I first heard they were making this movie, I immediately scoffed and wondered why on earth they would do such a thing.  It’s not hard to read a few subtitles!  At the same time they were making an American version of “Let the right one in“.  I asked myself the same questions, why do they do this?!  Especially for Let the right one in.  It is a fantastic movie.  Surprisingly, “Let me In” was really good.  Though not as good as the first movie, it still hits all the right notes.

dragonLast year, after boycotting the movie for so long, I picked up the blu-ray on a whim.  I was bored.  I rationalized that I always like Daniel Craig and Stellan Skarsgård.  The Rooney girl looked interesting.  I realized immediately that one of the best directors…ever?  Directed it.  David Fincher.  This man excretes gold.   At least in my opinion.  For some, his style might not do it for them.  For me, it is the ideal for movies to strive for.

In everyone of his films, especially this one, he creates such a palpable atmosphere.  To the music, made by Trent Reznor, to the dark cinematography.  Every detail is obviously thought over and cared about.

Though it is long, and it shows a lot of research and seemingly boring task of sorting through paper work at times, it never feels slow or laborious to watch.

Though people compare it to the Swedish films, to me, there is no comparison.  I loved Noomi Rapace.  She was absolutely fantastic as Lisbeth.  I couldn’t be happier that she is now getting some big movies!  However, David Fincher’s adaptation of the book is far and above the Swedish movie.

They are also pretty faithful to the book, but what it does far more then follow the book in deed is how it feels.  I was shocked at home similar it felt.  The world that is.  The tone and overall feel is the same.  At least to me.

If you are on the fence about watching this movie, please give it a chance.  I was completely against it, but it is honestly, one of my favorite movies to date.


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