Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

I ordered this movie because of a few simple reasons, not because it looked good.  I have a problem, I do that sort of thing all the time.  So I broke this movie out with some reluctance, thinking it would be a silly but fun ride.  Which it is, but it is also worth watching…again, and quite … Continue reading

Scandinavian Horror

I’ve never been more convinced as of late, on how great the Scandinavian horror scene has got.   With only one true disappointment (2012’s Thale).  Though a lot of the movies I have recently been enamored with aren’t new movies, they are too me – for the most part. They have a totally different horror … Continue reading

Game of WTF

I will not go on and on, nor dissect the episode.  I will say I am glad I haven’t read the Third book and spent countless hours reading these story threads for it to be horribly murdered.  It was shocking enough watching it, it must have been trebly worse reading. Theory:  Aria will become an … Continue reading

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