Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

I ordered this movie because of a few simple reasons, not because it looked good.  I have a problem, I do that sort of thing all the time.  So I broke this movie out with some reluctance, thinking it would be a silly but fun ride.  Which it is, but it is also worth watching…again, and quite possibly again.

After putting in the Blu-ray and being pleasantly surprised at what I found.  I also found that it was written and directed by same person as Dead Snow.  As per by my last posting on Scandinavian Horror,  I find his direction very reminiscent of old Sam Raimi.


-On a complete side note- The movie I watched right before Hansel & Gretel was Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful.  Which wasn’t too impressive.

Like old Raimi films, Tommy Wirkola blends horror and comedy quite flawlessly.  Though this movie was intended to reach larger audiences then his previous lower budget Dead Snow movie, it still manages to be very gory.

As I said on top, one of the simple reasons I wanted to see this was the cast.  First and foremost, I find Gemma Arterton to be one of hottest, sexiest women on the planet.  She isn’t some little waif, but a full figured beauty.  On top of that, she can act.

Holy Moses.  Knees weakening...

Holy Moses. Knees weakening…

Ever since Hurt Locker, I’ve enjoyed Jeremy Renner.  He has that quality where women want him and men want to be him thing.  He also has some acting chops too.  After the movie I watched the making of the movie, and in it they have interviews.  Jeremy actually seemed excited and really into the movie.

Despite all the bad reviews, and despite the fact it looks stupid as hell.  It looked to me like a way to make some quick cash, which isn’t the case at all.

Despite all of that, it is a great movie!  As I said about old Raimi movies, if you are into comedic gore and action, then this movie is for you!  With movies similar to this, I would spend half the time rolling my eyes.  This one I sat watching and laughing.  It is meant for you to smile and laugh at.

It has great special effects.  Except a troll character, which was basically a man in a large monster suit.  That was the only thing that took me out of the film.

Out of all the movies I have bought, this was the last one I thought I would enjoy.  It actually turns out to be one of the most enjoyable.  I will be watching this many times in the future.

– The movie isn’t for movie snobs though.  It is for people who can sit back and see the merits and enjoy it.  Not every movie is going to be the God Father Part two. – 


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