Ready for an exercise in Logic? – Upsidedown –

What I really mean to say is that everyone involved in making this movie has absolutely no concept of science or logic or have any real coherent grasp of anything.  The amount of idiocy involved in this movie is mind blowing.  Literally, from the first two seconds of watching to the very last frame, you’ll be scratching your head.  Not on how smart it was, but how this could have been made a movie.

Let’s start from the beginning.  Or as the movie states, from the beginning of time….

At the very core, the premise is interesting.  Two separate planets end up being right next to each other.  Planets mind you.  Round and rotating as our earth does.  They are on top of each other.  Cool right?  However, they have opposite gravity.  Okay…fair enough.   They are their own planets.

Nope.  If someone from “below” (even though to eachs prospective, each is above one another), goes to the upper planet, s/he will fall back to their own world.  That makes a lot of sense.

They also state, if some matter from an opposite world is in the other, it will burn after a while.  Yea I don’t know why either.  It apparently only works on non-human matter.  The people themselves are never effected by this “fact”.

The story itself is simple and fine.  Basically it is a semi-Romeo and Juliet.  Instead of opposing families, it is opposing planets.

It all starts with them as youngsters meeting.  Jim Sturgess is on the “lower” planet and Kirsten Dunst is on the upper.  They are both are literally on top of enormous mountains.  Above the clouds, thousands of feet up.  Either they live on the mountain (which they don’t) or they climb up a giant mountain every other day…as children…in t-shits.

One day, they are caught be their respective planets, as he is lowering he up on her planet, she crashes and hurts her head (unbeknownst to him, getting amnesia).  Ten years later, he sees her on a tv commercial for the giant super company that controls both planets.

The next day, he has a job with said company, yes thats right, the next day.  No explanation, he wanted it, so he has it.  His plan is to work and work to be able to up on more floors to see her.  He does, and finds out she doesn’t remember anything.

The whole point of the movie is to have shots like this.  That is all.

The whole point of the movie is to have shots like this. That is all.

Oh and he has found a way to be able to be on the upper planet.  He makes a weighted suit and shoes, and presto, magically is able to walk around perfectly normally on the other planet.  His clothes start to blaze, so he runs into the toilet and douses his chest in water.  Um okay.  But oh no a man comes in the restroom, so he quickly goes to the urinal and urinates, but ah ha, his urine doesn’t have magic weights in it, so it goes up on to the ceiling.  For some reason, they have piss monitors on the ceiling and he has to escape on foot.  He actually runs out to a tall building and throws off his weights and goes straight up/down to his own planet…Miles away?  Into the ocean.  Don’t suicidal people break all their bones when they jump off regular old buildings with normal old gravity?  I thought so.

I REALLY could go on and tell you every minute  detail of this movie.  Why?  Because they don’t follow their own rules and make up stuff as they go along and never, not once, follow any plain of logic.  Ever.

Near the end, they are dramatically running away from the authorities (after having sex while floating in circles – No logic?)  They go up into her world, they are holding on to big stone slab.  He is holding on to her arm, and he tells her to let him go.  The one thing that is saving each other from dying, is each other.  When they both hold on to each other, they float and soar etc.  Thats how they go on top of that huge stone slab in the first place.

He falls – on a tree in his world – and she is lead away by the police in hers.  And he starts talking as though he will never see her again.  Nothing has changed.  Both aren’t in jail or detained in any way.  Nothing at all is different in any way.  Long story short, happiness ever after.

Please please please watch this so you can make fun of it!  You have something funny to say at EVERY moment of the movie.

Hollywood should be ashamed of itself for this.

If any of your friends, or random people you meet, say they love this movie because of how smart and well put together it was, turn, and walk away.  And don’t look back.  You don’t need sub-humans in your life.

This is one of the best movies to make fun of, that I have ever come across.  It takes it self so seriously.  They think they are being so smart


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