Film Blather

I was struck recently by how many film critics there are.  How many people do you know when asked whether they liked a film or not expressed some extreme emotion? “Oh, I hated that movie” “It was amazing!” Am I guilty of this?  Of course!  I am however trying my utmost to keep my movie … Continue reading

Fanny och Alexander

I wanted to say a few words about one the my favorite movies, Fanny & Alexander by Ingmar Bergman. To be very clear, you don’t have to have seen Bergman movies or an expert in Art house cinema to enjoy this masterpiece.  I have recommended this movie to many people, they have come back to … Continue reading

Won’t be relegated to Oblivion…

…Or perhaps it will.  When first seeing images of the movie, I immediately dismissed it.  For one particular reason, Tom Cruise.  But, this is a mistake.  I started thinking about this, yes I  find Cruise to be a wacko (Sorry to Scientologists reading.  Which I know there aren’t).  A nice wacko to be precise.  In … Continue reading

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