Evil Dead!!!

I have finally watched it.  I watched Evil Dead, 2013 remake.  I should really put “remake” in quotations, because it isn’t really a remake.  It is more akin to a rehashing or to be really dramatic, a bastardization.

All that being said, I still enjoyed the movie.  The gore effects are outstanding.  It is nice to see highly publicized horror, that actually delivers.  Does it actually deliver in the “remake” sense.  No.  However, it is still compelling and gruesome.

I wish they didn’t hail it as some kind of remake.  It really isn’t one, not in story or in character.  The whole genre of Horror-Comedy is getting more movies made.  Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a good example.  The field is usually dominated by already established movie makers like that of Sam Raimi with (In my opinion) amazing Drag me to Hell.

Most Terrifying?  Dunno about that....

Most Terrifying? Dunno about that….

Though I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, it does frustrate me that “Hollywood” has to completely change and rearrange remakes.  How about not making it a remake?  How about an original movie, somewhat along the lines of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  Say what you will about it, it was an original concept set in the universe of Alien.  Most people wanted Alien, instead they got strange looking Michelin man men.  But it was original, Ridley didn’t rest on his laurels.

Make an original movie!  Or if you are remaking a movie, just remake it and not think!


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