Won’t be relegated to Oblivion…

…Or perhaps it will.  When first seeing images of the movie, I immediately dismissed it.  For one particular reason, Tom Cruise.  But, this is a mistake.  I started thinking about this, yes I  find Cruise to be a wacko (Sorry to Scientologists reading.  Which I know there aren’t).  A nice wacko to be precise.  In every interview I have seen (which hardly makes me an expert), he appears to be a pleasant, genuine person.

Cruise I realized, doesn’t make bad movies.  There are a few I do not like, but am I to say it is bad?  Born on the Forth of July isn’t my favorite, mainly because Oliver Stone – one of the worst directors of all time, in my humble opinion.  A few other of Cruise’s movies are the best either, Eyes Wide Shut, Vanilla Sky, the sometimes good Magnolia.  All in all though, his movies are entertaining.  He always does a good job.  Even one of his most mediocre films; Knight and Day, he was still good in it, to the point where I was entertained.

Enough about that.


Oblivion was impressive!  I was really pleased!

Cruise plays a drone repair man.  The world has been desolated by wars and natural disasters.  There are now reactors that convert the worlds oceans into energy for humanities colony on one of (lol details are already fading) Jupiters moons?  The drones are in place to protect them from scabs.  A race that is at war with humanity.

What is great about this movie is the “old school” feeling to it.  It is a huge movie, very impressive graphics and sets, but a very small cast of characters.  This was noted in the one behind the scenes featurette.

Speaking of which, Tom Cruise’s character lives in a futuristic home in the clouds.  A sleek ergonomic “Apple” design feel, perched atop a tremendous tripod, essentially.  There are many scenes in the home.  They are surrounded by endless beautiful sky.  Billowy supple clouds movie through frame…and it wasn’t CGI.  They used “Old techniques”.  They literally went on top of a mountain, filmed the clouds.  Went in studio and projected it on to the studio walls.  So instead on actors looking at green screen, they actually are looking at what we are looking at when we watch the movie.

The whole movie, while seeing some fantastical structures and impossible technologies, still feels very grounded and real.  Going along the “old school” feel, as a point in fact that turned me off originally, is the fashion aesthetic.  Cruise wears this somewhat clinquant grey metal suit through out the film.  But in the movie it feels like it belongs, it makes you think you are kind of watching a movie from the 70’s or perhaps earlier.

If you get a chance to see this movie, do.  You won’t be disappointed.  Very high end tech-sci fi movie, old school in feel, with great emotional/personal motivations rather than the typical (although it is in there) saving humanity schtick.

2 Responses to “Won’t be relegated to Oblivion…”
  1. CMrok93 says:

    Didn’t care much for it, especially since it didn’t do much with it’s premise or it’s ideas at all. Good review.

    • paulickert says:

      I actually agree however I felt those are reasons why I liked it. I enjoyed that it wasn’t about some huge alien race domination, the total subjugation of humanity. It would be cool to see a totally separate follow up exploring those exact themes and stories. It was very linear (aside from flashbacks etc lol) there wasn’t too much mucking around outside of the main plotline. Which is both, as you say, a negative, and a positive for me!

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