Film Blather

I was struck recently by how many film critics there are.  How many people do you know when asked whether they liked a film or not expressed some extreme emotion?

“Oh, I hated that movie”

“It was amazing!”

Am I guilty of this?  Of course!  I am however trying my utmost to keep my movie comments on a somewhat reasonable plane.

There are those movies that one cannot really explain a certain feeling on.  Take the movie “The Boondock Saints“.  I am one of only a few people (I have met) that absolutely loath this movie.  Part of my extreme hatred stems from everyone’s blind adoration.  Not mature, I grant you, but I am being honest.  But I also don’t like the film based on it’s merit, which is none.  Nothing about the poorly acted, atrociously put together, and silly plot do I find redeeming.  A reason so many of my generation (born in the early 80’s) is that they grew up with this movie, and have a soft nostalgic spot for it.  I don’t.

One night, a buddy of mine and I decided to watch the movie.  We were excited.  Everyone and their mothers (Not literally), exemplified every aspect of this movie.  We were truly shocked at how bad it was…ahem…IS.

I’m not really here to talk about that movie though.  What I really want to talk about is snobbery.  Funny how I just wrote how much I hated something.  In trying to give exceptions to rules, why is everyone a hater?  * On a side note*  I hate the word hater.

When I see his face, an uncontrollable rage brims to the surface until I do my Anti-rage exercises.

When I see his face, an uncontrollable rage brims to the surface until I do my Anti-rage exercises.

Apart from a few exceptions, (The Boondock Saints, Napoleon Dynamite) I generally like most movies.  Why?  Because it’s entertainment, it isn’t important.  For instance, like a lot of people, I saw Man of Steel.  Generally people thought it was silly, and that…

Henry Cavill couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag” – My Brother-in-Law.

I didn’t feel he was that bad, but acting truly is in the eye of the beholder.  I realize movies are too, but as I said, movies really aren’t important, stop with all the hate.

Is it wrong to have a strong opinion?  No.  I already noted my utter disgust for The Boondock Saints.  But what do people expect?

First and foremost (unfortunately) Movies are a business first, and art last.  I don’t really blame the actual people who make them.  Say what you want about Michael Bay, but he tries to make what he wants to make.  It just so happens that his vision is silly.  It is the studio execs and producers that ultimately have final say.  Why does every movie have to appeal to white Boy’s aged 13 to white men aged 40?  Because thats who go to movies most often.  What do 13 year old boys and 40 year old men have in common?  The desire for beautiful women and explosions.  Oh and sprinkle in obtuse dialogue so that you know exactly what is going on at all times.

I find, time and time again, being disappointed with movies.  The clear intersession upon the film by producers is blatant.

So that’s when I told myself, calm down, this is a business.  Enjoy it and take what you can, and move on.  Occasionally, they are able to make clearly intelligent entertainment.

When I go and see The Avengers:  Age of Ultron, I know it won’t challenge me one iota.  No existential debate will wage in my head.  I will be marveling (pun intended) at Scarlet Johansson‘s leather clad body, and gape at the spectacular wielding of Mjölnir into Thor’s enemies.

Will it be silly?  Oh yes. Will it make me think?  Oh no.  Except at maybe how beautiful Johansson is.  Will people say it is stupid and they hated it?  But of course!  I will tell them, it is the Avengers!!  What were you expecting!?  I guarantee, they won’t have a coherent logical answer.

*The Featured image is there because I wanted another excuse to look up pictures of Johansson in leather.  They know how to appeal to their demographic, what can I say?


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