Ostracized Opinion: World War Z

I really liked it!

I didn’t expect to like it.  All the months of negative press concerning rewrites, and problems with production.  Even the subsequent reviews labeling it disjointed, with questionable CGI.  There is some truth to all of that.  Some of the ways in which they go from place to place kind of sits wrong.  A little too quick, a little too thin of a reason to travel half way across the world.

The reason being for the global travel in the book, is that the main character is a journalist who interviews many people and their zombie experiences.  The movie scrambles it all up.  But before we go any further, I would like to throw away any reference to the book.  We aren’t talking about a book, this isn’t a book review, book to movie films never really work out.

So all those negative reasons why the movie is bad are true, however, there is a lot to love.  First and foremost, though I am a huge fan of the genre, most zombie movies aren’t that great.  My honest to God favorite is Shaun of the Dead!  It is a comedy and parody of zombie movies, and it’s awesome!

Try and think of the great zombie flicks.  Night of the living Dead. – great, but dated.  Zombie or Zombi – I didn’t really like it.  Cheesy and dated.  Even the remake of Day of the Dead, while good, still was lacking something.  All the resident evil movies get subsequently worse and worse.  The walking dead had great promise, but ends up being weak soup opera with occasional zombie fun.  I leave 28 days later till last because for zombie purists, some don’t consider it a zombie movie.  I do, they look, act and eat like zombies, so they are.


My point being, most movies in this genre aren’t amazing to say the least.  They almost always leave me feeling jilted.    I love the genre, I have for many many years, way before it was popular.  But I still have to be honest about the genre.

So going in to watching World War Z, I wasn’t expecting much, on a few levels.  I’ll compare it to watching the newest Star Wars trilogy.  I didn’t mind them, why?  Because the originals aren’t that amazing.  Sure I loved them when I was seven years old, and they were ground breaking for the time, and the influence it wielded, but flat out, they aren’t that great .  So watching the new ones I didn’t see that much difference.  Yes the old ones were better, but they still felt the same.

The other really go thing about the movie are the zombies.  Again, I thought via the trailers that they looked awful.  But they acted in such a way that really won me over.  What they do, and I have never seen it in a movie before, they have no concern whatsoever for their themselves.  I know that doesn’t make sense.  But in this movie, they throw themselves off of buildings to get at their prey.  They smash from a hundred feet to the pavement and get up to pursue.

And it has Brad Pitt.  The man knows how to carry a movie.  He keeps you invested and interested for the entire running.

Is World War Z the best movie I have seen?  No.  But it was entertaining, and I would watch it again.  What else can you ask for?  Specifically about a horror/zombie movie.  Not much else is needed.  Go out and rent it and put your logic on hold and enjoy!


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