True Detective

Is anyone else is obsessed with this show as I am?  Forget Game of Thrones, forget half of what is on HBO, this is the real good stuff.  It is refreshing to see a show delivering on so many different levels.  With the top notch character development, scratch that, dual time character development.  Not only do we see these characters when they were younger, but also as older men.  It is fascinating to see the differences.  How did they get that way?  What has happened to change their perspective so much?

It is also mysterious.  Yes, yes it is a mystery detective show.  But once again, it has two levels of mystery.  We follow the investigation of a murder in the mid-nineties, whilst being teased as to the “present” although it is supposed to be 2012.  Why are they being interviewed really?  Yes, they lost the old files on the case in a fire, but why are they so interested in McConaughey‘s character?

I feel like this show is realistic semi-version of “Twin Peaks”.  It has all the mystery and intrigue without all the weird sideshows and strangeness.  I have been waiting for a show like this to come along.  I have heard it is a one off, and if there is a second season, it will be from the perspective of a different set of detectives on what I assume would be a different case.

Sometimes, just sometimes, one season, one product is enough.  It will be something special and complete.  No new episode this week!  Have to twiddle my thumbs for another week!


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