Physical Vs. Digital

This is a topic I have been thinking about awhile now.  It started with the advent of the Mp3.    Do I buy the CD or download it?  The same question has been plaguing me about movies.

How do you even get a picture representation of a digital movie?

Lately I have been downloading movies off of the Playstation Network.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and looks great on my Playstation.  Every time I do download a movie, I ask myself…Should I have just gotten the Bly ray?

The main reason I have been downloading is because of my deficit of patience.  A lot of movies are available to watch weeks before they are released in Dvd.  The other reason it is great is because, let’s face it, a lot of movies simply are not good.  When you have seen as many movies as I have, you unfortunately become slightly jaded.  I have seen the cliched themes, lines, shocks, and graphics.  Downloading movies is cheaper.  So I would be wasting less money on crappy movies.

However, while all of that is true; I still feel like I am not getting my moneys worth.  I am still of a generation where you have a physical object for your money.  Is it stupid of me to feel that way?

I still haven’t gotten used to reading on my Kindle.  I was surprised at how (aside from efficiency) well I liked reading on it.  But it will still never beat the physical paper book.  I need that object to leaf through, and put down when I am finished, and feel the happy goosebumps of accomplishment.  Instead of:  “Yay, finished my books” – Presses off button.  Just down’t feel the same.

So to make a long story short.  Digital is way friendlier on the environment, it’s quicker, it’s easier (no gas money involved), and you don’t have to wait as long…but still I would rather get that Blu ray in the mail.  It is a satisfying feeling that I will never get from downloading something.  What I will do most likely is bridge the gap between both sides.  A little downloading amongst my Blu rays.

What do you think?


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