Gravity: Movie Review

How does one review a movie everyone loves? Can I let my real opinion shine, despite all the glowing reviews out there in the ether?
Please don’t infer that I did not like the movie, in fact; I did like it. The only problem with seeing a movie well after the accolades and the dozens of opinions you have heard from your peers is that you already have a good picture of what you will see, what you should see.
A quick synopsis: a group of Astronauts are working on their space station when an accident happens. They must find a way to survive, against impossible odds, in the huge lifeless void of space.

Sandra Bullock (Gravity 2013)

Sandra Bullock (Gravity 2013)

The plot really is that simple. If you’ve ever seen the fairly new Robert Redford movie, All is Lost, it is the same thing, but in Space.
This movie does look fantastic. Beautiful overhead shots of Earth as our heroes are upside down. There are a few snafus as far as I am concerned. Most of what you see is impeccable. My main gripe with the visuals is an ongoing device, first person. I fully understand the desire to do this, but it felt like a video game and took away from the overall quality of the movie.
Another annoyance was Sandra Bullock’s performance. I usually like her a lot. Not because she is a particularly great actress, but she is just plain likable. She gives out the same feeling in this movie, but the problem is, she is a trained professional astronaut. Yet she acts like she has no idea what she is doing, panicking every other minute. The constant panicked breathing just gets old quickly. I do understand her situation is extremely nerve racking, but please, shut your face, please please please.
Never any point did I feel like I was watching anything more than a fun thriller movie. Why do some movies garner lots of attention, and others don’t? I guess it boils down to the power and pull of the stars that are on screen. If there had been different lead actors in the main roles, this wouldn’t have gotten half as much attention and respect if it had been unknown actors, even if it was exactly the same.
That being said, it was still an entertaining film. Remarkable visuals at times, with a great sense of urgency. Over rated all together when juxtaposed with all the accolades and Oscar buzz, but a fun ride none the less.


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