Gravity: Movie Review

How does one review a movie everyone loves? Can I let my real opinion shine, despite all the glowing reviews out there in the ether? Please don’t infer that I did not like the movie, in fact; I did like it. The only problem with seeing a movie well after the accolades and the dozens … Continue reading


I was very skeptical about watching this show.  For one, it is written by Michael Hirst.  That is not to say he isn’t a talented writer.  It has more to do with his ability to bastardize history.  Make what you are watching more about sex and violence rather than what actually happened.  Take the Tudors, … Continue reading

Ostracized Opinion: World War Z

I really liked it! I didn’t expect to like it.  All the months of negative press concerning rewrites, and problems with production.  Even the subsequent reviews labeling it disjointed, with questionable CGI.  There is some truth to all of that.  Some of the ways in which they go from place to place kind of sits … Continue reading

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