Gravity: Movie Review

How does one review a movie everyone loves? Can I let my real opinion shine, despite all the glowing reviews out there in the ether? Please don’t infer that I did not like the movie, in fact; I did like it. The only problem with seeing a movie well after the accolades and the dozens … Continue reading

The Business of Entertainment

What is the last movie that challenged either your intellect or moral boundaries?  Can’t think of one?  I am hard pressed to think of one too.  At least in the context of a Hollywood made film.  I find myself turning to foreign films more and more to quench my thirst for substance.  To be clear, … Continue reading

Film Blather

I was struck recently by how many film critics there are.  How many people do you know when asked whether they liked a film or not expressed some extreme emotion? “Oh, I hated that movie” “It was amazing!” Am I guilty of this?  Of course!  I am however trying my utmost to keep my movie … Continue reading

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