Two types of movies…

…and those in between. I’m going to lay it out quick – there are two types of movies: 1. First watch/Second watch movies.  2. Multiple watch movies. I was thinking on the subject of good and bad movies – what makes a movie either one of these.  At first, the obvious answer is a movie … Continue reading

Gory Horror Movie Love

After watching the Human Centipede II, and rhapsodizing upon its gory merits to a friend (who does not like gory movies), it started me thinking on why I like gory horror.  In the real world, I do not like blood, nor do I like looking at real-life deaths or accidents.  So why do I like … Continue reading

Physical Vs. Digital

This is a topic I have been thinking about awhile now.  It started with the advent of the Mp3.    Do I buy the CD or download it?  The same question has been plaguing me about movies. Lately I have been downloading movies off of the Playstation Network.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and looks great … Continue reading

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