Gravity: Movie Review

How does one review a movie everyone loves? Can I let my real opinion shine, despite all the glowing reviews out there in the ether? Please don’t infer that I did not like the movie, in fact; I did like it. The only problem with seeing a movie well after the accolades and the dozens … Continue reading

Giving us what we Want?

Obviously, I love movies.  However I recently have been thinking, do movies give us what we want?  Every movie can’t please everyone a 100 percent of the time, for the entire movie.  I can only think of a few movies, personally, that please me for the whole entire run time. The reason this come up … Continue reading

Gushing Sydow

As my first movie posting I feel the need to lay tribute to one of the finest, if not the finest, living actor today.  Funnily enough, I know him more for his Swedish performances in Ingmar Bergman movies then his huge monumental American movies. Many of you may not be familiar with Max Von Sydow, … Continue reading

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